What do Bermudians hate about life on the island?

Published on April 22, 2022 by Omar James


The rules are 1) I’m not going for any low hanging fruit. For example, already knows that Bermuda is expensive and blah blah blah. I’m letting that go for now. And 2) I won’t be talking about the government or politics. Not directly, anyway, because I try to keep this channel politics free. Also I try to keep these videos between 5 and 10 minutes, but we’d need hours to unpack that Bermuda politics. 

Anyway, here are 6 things that I hate about living in Bermuda! 

Can’t find a good gym

I’m a gym rat so this one is important to me. It is impossible to find a really good gym in Bermuda. Let me explain this a bit. When I say a REALLY good gym, I mean a gym that has modern equipment and facilities, is reasonably priced, and is convenient- good location, not too crowded, etc. In Bermuda you gotta pick two of those things because you won’t find a gym with all three. My gym, for example, is pretty cheap as far as Bermuda prices go. And it’s barely two minutes from my house, but it’s full of equipment from the 1970s and offers no amenities besides a bathroom. Courthouse is a gym with two convenient locations in Hamilton with modern equipment and beautiful facilities, but a membership for a single adult is over $200 a month. 

Someone’s always watching

You can’t go anywhere in Bermuda without somebody recognizing you. It’s a love/hate thing because sometimes it’s nice being in a small community where everybody knows your name. But other times I wish life could be  like an internet browser and we could enable incognito mode. Sometimes I just wanna disappear and you can’t do it in Bermuda.

Limited employment options

Bermuda’s two main industries are international business and tourism. The largest employer is the government so if you have any interest in a career that can’t be supported by one of those three sectors, you’re either gonna be out of luck or fighting for one of a handful of very niche positions. It’s not anyone’s fault because unfortunately Bermuda is just too small to support much else, but I hate it anyway. My lumberjack career was dead before it ever got started

Horses on railway trails

I love walking and running on Bermuda’s railway trails. I posted a virtual tour on the trail near my house in a previous video. Check it out. They are great because the scenery is amazing and it’s a great alternative to Bermuda's narrow roads. But there’s one thing that always ruins it for me: People riding those big, giant scary horses. They bring horses on the trail and they take up all the space and poop all over the place. I get it, there’s not many places to go with a horse but that doesn't make it any less annoying when you’re taking a nice calm walk on the trail and you suddenly face to face with a giant 1 ton beast that can kill you with one swift kick to the head…..If you can’t tell, I don’t like horses. They are scary

Public Transportation

Bermuda has one of the worst public transportation systems of any “modern” country I've ever spent time in. Which is fascinating when you consider that our public transportation board has a multi-million dollar budget, hundreds of employees and they only need to cover a 21 square mile area. Yet they remain unreliable. Buses and ferries are often late and sometimes don’t show up at all. When they do show up, most bus drivers are rude and entitled. Wildcat strikes are common so service might be suspended for multiple days without any warning. I wish we had a public transportation system that was worth the money we spend on it, because I'm not a person that enjoys driving around. I’d rather just take the bus, but it’s too unreliable and inconvenient. The bus schedule and available routes haven’t been updated in decades, you still can’t get a bus home after midnight. The entire system still breaks down at the height of tourist season when too many people are on island. It’s ridiculous and I hate it!

Corporation of Hamilton's war on parking

The City of Hamilton is managed by an independent municipality called the Corporation of Hamilton. They handle things like garbage collection, street sweeping, parks maintenance and the collection of taxes. And recently, they’ve entered into a big legal battle to determine whether they remain independent or become an extension of the government. I fully support their efforts to remain independent for several reasons that go beyond the scope of this video. But supporting the corporation is becoming increasingly difficult because they are really pissing me off. 

Now, I must admit the corporation has had some good ideas lately. Like their food concessions program that allows winning vendors to set up at a given location in the city almost rent free. On the other hand, other ideas like their war on convenient parking is just making me angry! Look at what they’ve done to Reid street. They removed about half the free parking and replaced them with benches which are almost exclusively used by vagrants and beggars while potential customers are forced to pay for parking on the outskirts of the city. I let them know what I think, and they have yet to reply….cowards