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Bermuda’s Newest Attraction – Fort Albert
Fort Albert in St George’s has been resurrected by an army of volunteers, bringing the historic structure part way back to its former glory
Taking a ride on Bermuda’s new airline!
BermudAir is a new all-business class airline that operates flights between the United States and Bermuda.
Should you tip in Bermuda?
How does tipping work in Bermuda? What is the difference between grats and tips? Should you tip?
How to travel around Bermuda
Review all the available transportation options so that when you land in Bermuda you can pick the best method for your vacation!
How much is a comfortable life in Bermuda?
Are you moving to Bermuda? Do you know how much money is required for a comfortable life on the island? Read and find out!
What do Bermudians hate about life on the island?
Bermuda is a great place to live, but it's not perfect. If you considering a move to the island take note of the 6 things I hate the most about living in Bermuda.

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