Ranking all 9 Parishes in Bermuda

Published on September 25, 2021 by Omar James

Bermuda is an island divided into 9 Parishes. But in this video we’re giving St. David’s their independence so I'll be ranking 10 Parishes from the best to the worst using the following criteria:

Convenience - The location’s effect on the average person’s daily life. Examples: Distance to town, access to public transportation and shopping options

Cost - The cost of maintaining a certain standard of living. Examples: Rent, property prices and transportation cost  

Beauty - How well does it represent Bermuda’s distinctive image as a sub-tropical island paradise in the Atlantic?

No matter where you live in Bermuda, you can’t go wrong. The entire island is beautiful and you’re never more than an hour away from anything, so it’s all relative. But these are my rankings and St. George’s is at the top because I believe it provides the best value and if you commute into the city, the traffic isn’t nearly as bad out of the east as it is from the west because there’s less people and there’s no choke point like there is at Paget stop lights causing huge lines of traffic. Hamilton parish is in the A class for many of the same reasons. Devonshire is a C because it’s just Pembroke light. St. David’s is just too isolated. Smiths is kinda lame and the only reason to live in Southampton is the views and the beaches which are super low on my list of priorities. 

But, hey. That’s just me. What would your list look like? What’s your favorite parish? Do you support St. David’s independence? Are you team Somerset or team St. George's. Let me know in the comments! Let’s fight it out!

Big thanks to everyone who reached out and answered this question on social media. You can always reach me on instagram or facebook or over at isleofdevils.com. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video!