How to travel around Bermuda

Published on November 10, 2022 by Omar James


So you’re coming to Bermuda? You got your plane ticket and hotel booked and now you are making plans. You wanna visit the forts, eat some local food and see those pink sand beaches you've been hearing so much about. So you start asking yourself: How am I gonna get around? How am I gonna get from point A to point B in a way that doesn’t waste too much of my precious time, or require too much of my precious money? (Bing!) Then your brain kicks into overdrive and you start putting the pieces together:

  • Bermuda is a tiny 21 square mile island. For size comparison, it’s about as big as Manhattan. 
  • Bermuda is a wealthy country with modern facilities and infrastructure.  
  • Bermuda is a country that promotes itself as a world class tourist destination

So you’re thinking, with all those factors in mind. Surely Bermuda must have a robust and efficient public transportation system. A system that is perfect for a visitor like me because it blends cost effectiveness with convenience to provide me with the optimal Bermuda experience. A system that fits perfectly with Bermuda’s unique landscape to give its users an abundance of service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. A public transportation system that is so next level and so advanced that it is studied by other nations who aim to emulate just a tiny fraction of its ability! 

Surely Bermuda must have something like that, right?

Well let me be the first to tell you that we do not. So in this video I'll be going over all the transportation options that are available so that when you land in Bermuda you can pick the best method for you, then hit the road and start enjoying yourself on the most Beautiful island in the world! 

Let’s go!

Getting around the island can be a little more cumbersome than you might expect on such a small piece of land because while small it has hundreds of miles of narrow, tightly compact and winding roadways. And certain transportation options might be convenient but also quite expensive. So I'll just be laying out all the options out there, give you my opinion and some tips so that you can take all that and make the best decision for yourself.


Your first option is…just walk, man! Take the ankle express. It might take you longer but it’s definitely the cheapest option depending on where you are starting from and where you are trying to go. And sometimes it just makes more sense than trying to catch a ride. you’re staying at Grotto Bay and want to see Crystal Caves, that’s a 10 minute walk. Cut through the parking area outside of the ice cream parlour to save yourself a few minutes. Or if you’re at The Reefs and are headed to Horseshoe Bay Beach it’s a beautiful 20-30 minute walk east on south shore road. Let’s say you want to go somewhere further away, see if you can take the railway trail which was once used by an actual train system but is now a path off the main roads that stretches almost the entire length of the island. You can get where you want to go and enjoy a nice hike at the same time

Bicycles and Scooters

If you take the trail you can actually take bicycles there which is our next option: Rent a pedal cycle! Bermuda has been getting hip in this area recently so you have lots of options. You can rent traditional bicycles from Oleander Cycles or download a bikesharing app and rent an electric cycle from the Scootermart people (As much as I hate their commercials). Lots and lots of options in between, and i’m not going over each one but if you want me to do a video on all the different bike and bikesharing options on the island, leave a comment on this video and let me know


Next up is the iconic moped! You’ll see them plastered all over advertisements for Bermuda because they are a fun and cost effective way to get around the island. But i’ll tell you right now, if you aren’t comfortable riding bikes….DON’T DO IT. It’s not worth ruining your vacation or your life. But if you’re comfortable riding one of these, it’s a really great way to get around with several different companies that you can rent them from. I would recommend Oleander Cycles because they have convenient locations all over the island and they will even deliver bikes to your location. And they ain’t paying me to say that….although if anyone from Oleander is watching: I don’t turn down any offers!

Electric Mini Cars

Along with bike sharing, eclectic mini cars are one of the newer options to the island. If you haven’t been to Bermuda in a few years you’ll notice these little buggies zipping around the island. They are extremely fun and extremely expensive if you rent by the day but there are also ‘on demand’ options available where you only pay for the length of your trip. Some models have more cover than others which is something to keep in mind if you come during the winter months, and availability can be an issue during the busy season in the summer, but it’s definitely a great option if you need personal transportation but aren’t comfortable on a moped. Renting normal cars is not possible in Bermuda so this is as close as you can get. 


Now we move on to taxis. I don’t need to explain what a taxi is, so we’re gonna skip all that and I’ll just give you some important things to know. First thing to know is that we have no uber type ridesharing in Bermuda. There is an app called Hitch that masquerades as one, but it’s just another method to hail a taxi with the only real benefit being the ability to pay through the app with a card instead of cash. 

Otherwise, you can find taxis at any hotel and popular location or call one of the local taxi companies. Taxis are metered at a rate of $2.75 per mile for up for 4 passengers and $3.50 per mile for 5-7 passengers. Between midnight and 6am, and all day on Sundays and public holidays, rates are 25% higher or 50% higher for 5-7 passengers. Also, a $1 surcharge is added for each item of luggage.  Definitely not the cheapest option, but sometimes it’s just easier to take a cab. I’ll put some fare estimates on the screen so you have an idea of what a cost will be depending on your location and destination. For example, the airport to Hamilton is about $40, and between Hamilton and Dockyard is roughly 60 bucks. 

Public Transportation

Last but not least, Bermuda has a robust yet somewhat unreliable public transportation system. There are buses and ferries that will take you all around the island. If you want to see the routes and fares, there are plenty of resources out there and I will post a few links in the description for you to take a look at. What I will do is advise that if you plan to use public transportation while in Bermuda, check the news before you get here and make sure there aren’t any strikes, industrial actions, or weather warnings that will cause service disruptions. The other thing I’m gonna do is take you on a bus ride so you know what to expect. Let’s go!  

<Bus ride>

That’s it folks! This video is geared towards tourists so if you are coming to Bermuda to live there are a few more options available to you that I may cover in the future. But if you found this video useful, hit the like button, subscribe if you haven’t already and stick around because I’ll be posting plenty of videos that give you a look at Bermuda through the eyes of a local. 

Peace out, and see you in the next video! 

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