3 Tips For Saving Money While Living in Bermuda

Published on August 30, 2021 by Omar James

Video Transcript

Whoa! Guys. I know I’ve been gone for a while but I’m back from the future and I gotta tell you, the killer robots are a pain but the real issue is that Bermuda ain’t getting no cheaper! 1000 years from now it’s still the most expensive place on Earth. So in this video I'll be giving you 3 tips for living cheap in Bermuda. Now, come with me if you want to SAVE SOME MONEY

Leaving Island Sales

Judging by the feedback I get from people who watch these videos, if you’re watching there’s a good chance you either recently relocated to the island or you’re considering an opportunity to move here for a significant period of time. So before you start investing in furniture, appliances and other necessities for daily life, my first tip is to keep an eye out for Leaving Island sales. 

Just as you might be on your way in, someone is on their way out. Bermuda’s immigrant turnover rate is fairly consistent so you can always count on there being someone who built a life here, finally leaving the island and struggling to deal with a bunch of stuff they accumulated over the years. And one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Mopeds, furniture, pots and pans, you name it. Sometimes you can find people selling these things for dirt cheap because they are short on time and just need to get rid of it and the items are often in great condition.

Here’s a personal story: About 7 or 8 years ago I went to one of these sales. It turns out the guy selling had only been on the island for two months. He purchased an entire living room set but was rushing back to Europe and only had a few days to settle his affairs. He wouldn’t turn down an offer as long as you could have the item out of the house that day. I called a friend and we walked out of there with a nearly brand new 50” plasma tv for $100. 

So go and look for ‘leaving island sales’ on emoo or facebook marketplace or wherever. You can find some amazing deals. Also, protip: check with friends and coworkers that are leaving. That way you can get first dibs on their stuff!

North East Hamilton EEZ

While you’re here and going out on the town to have dinner or drinks and making friends who will one day give you first rights on their stuff when they leave the island. If you are looking to have a good night out on a budget, don’t get caught up in the normal popular places. Try to expand your horizons! 

For example, if you plan to have a night out in Hamilton, instead of going to Front street, Hamilton princess or the typical places, why not consider North East Hamilton? The area on and and around court street! I know it doesn’t have the best reputation, but let’s be honest. If you are coming from a country like the United States or England, I'm sure you live near areas that are MUCH more dangerous. On the flip side, the area is filled with local shops, bars and restaurants where the prices are often 50-75% less than they would be on Front Street. 

Sure, places like Port-o-call and 1609 are nice, but if your goal is to have a good night out on a budget, please know that you can visit a back-a-town bar like Places Place and get a beer for $5 vs $20



Now for the third and final tip for saving money in Bermuda we need to talk about grocery stores and food prices…..but first, let’s have a quick side chat

Anyone that's been following this channel for a while probably noticed that I've been mostly MIA this summer. I haven’t uploaded any real videos in a couple months. There’s a few reasons for this:

  1. At my main job things have started to return to normal so I'm back in the office most days. Can’t work on videos between meetings anymore!
  2. I’ve accepted some extra consulting hours at a side gig. Fact is, I'm not in a position to turn down extra money, and while I enjoy working on videos for this channel, I don’t make any money on these videos so my effort goes where the money is.
  3. I’ve been working on a project, and that’s what I want to talk about right now

You see, I started writing the outline for this video several weeks ago. And one item that I wanted to discuss was the grocery price sheets over at the islandpricehikes facebook group. I knew they had been working on a project to log prices at every grocery store on the island so people could easily compare the data and make better decisions while they’re shopping. For example, let’s say you want to buy a few gallons of milk but you’re tight on cash and want the lowest price possible. You reference their price sheet, find that one particular store has lower prices than others, then make your purchase there to save a few precious dollars.  

I thought they had a great idea and wanted to share that information with my viewers. With you guys. However, once I checked in on the project I found it in complete disarray. They were manually inputting data into these giant spreadsheets that were unorganized and difficult to search through. They just didn’t have the technical expertise or the resources to take the idea and convert it to a user friendly application that people might actually use….so I volunteered to help out. 

So my third and final tip for saving money while living in Bermuda is to visit deals.isleofdevils.com where you can research and compare prices on various products sold at multiple stores across Bermuda.  

We’ll also be scouring the island and reporting sales and secretly marked down items that you may not be aware of. We want this to be a tool to help people make better purchasing decisions because life in Bermuda is expensive already, and it gets even worse when you don’t have easy access to data like this, that can help you save valuable dollars by choosing the cheapest option. 

So keep an eye on the site. It’s still early and we have many features we want to implement and stores we need to add to our tracking system. We’re also tracking price changes so we can report on trends, visualize statistics and hopefully become a valuable tool for the voices in Bermuda seeking to answer the question: Why is Bermuda so expensive? 

We all watched the prices on certain items increase almost weekly during the covid lockdowns. How much did they increase? What was the price before covid? We’re so used to high prices in Bermuda that we don’t even question it anymore. Was the increase honestly necessary? We don’t have a clue! And until we can point to the data and hold these grocery stores accountable, we never will. 

Rant over...I hope someone out there finds it useful. 

Anyway, thanks for watching the video. And thanks to everyone who supports this channel and sends kind words. Especially you people that recognize me in the street and make me feel like a youtube star haha. I appreciate all of you!

I will try to be more consistent with these videos but I just don’t have the free time I did during the lockdown. But, hey, with the delta variant spreading across the planet, who knows. Maybe another lockdown will be coming soon! 

See you in the next video